About Us

Along the corner of Rosario Chico Stream lies a place of rest and tranquility with its waterfalls, labyrinth of ferns, stone fences surrounding a sacred energetic rock, historical areas, artesan cheeses made of milk from their own cows grazing nearby. Ideal for those who wish to escape the noise of the city, enjoy life in the country side and the contact with nature. Feel at home with the family of Don Miguel who give personalized attention and cater to specialized diets (vegetarians, celiacal disease, diabetics etc), all from homegrowm or locally produced organic products. For those who want to enjoy something different; massage and other alternative treatments are offered in the open air.

Welcome to Don Miguel!

  • Horseback riding in the country side
  • Tractor rides
  • Ride in an antique car from 1928
  • Stone fences made by the native people several hundreds years ago
  • Path surrounded by different native ferns
  • Beautifull vistas
  • Energetic stone
  • Learn to milk a cow by hand and make cheese
  • Artesan cheeses
  • Agricultural chores
  • Home made food made from homegrown organic produce and meat natural

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